Technology and Quality Control

WINDOLINE Quality Control Standards From the input of raw materials up to production of profiles; to product of insulating glass; at the all steps of production; the complete and uninterrupted quality controls ensure the reliability. The stability of WINDOLINE profiles are tested against the resistance of sunlight, rain, humidity, seasonal temperature differences at the forefront of technological devices (fully German technology), in a lab environment according to TSE 5358 EN 12608 and RAL-GZ 716/1. Coefficients of thermal insulation of WINDOLINE series accordıng to EN Standard (EN 10077, DIN 52619-3 and 4108) is as follows;

3 chambers series

Up= 1.7 w/m2 K

4 chambers series

Up= 1.4 w/m2 K

5 chambers series

Up= 1.3 w/m2 K


Coefficients of the sound insulation of WINDOLINE series according to to EN Standard (DIN 4109) is as follows; It meets depending on the combination of glass up to 42 db Applied.

Quality Control Tests of WINDOLINE Pvc Profile

  • Color L-A-B-E tests
  • Appearance and Shipping condition
  • Marking
  • External Dimensions and Function Measures
  • Thickness
  • Deviation from axis
  • Weight
  • Specific Weight
  • Vikate softening temperature
  • Double-notch stroke
  • Impact in Cold
  • Measurement Difference depended on heat (ETUV TEST)
  • Profile Status at the results of 1 Hour Standby in ETÜV
  • Welding compatibility standards of Corner of the WİNDOLİNE is performed according to European norms(RAL-GZ 716/1, TSE 5358 EN 12608) and the quality control tests are based to this standards.