ISO 9001.2000

TSE 5358

EN 12608

– 85 mm width, profile thicknesses are produced within tolerances of 2.8 (-0.2).
– Glass sills are inclined by 20 °; It prints on the surface of the glass to ensure better adhesion of the glass and no dust on it.
– Decorative glass sashes with gray seal,
– Single-blade application with 107mm single-rail application reduces costs by up to 30%.
– Gray gasket resistant to temperature changes from (-60) ° C to + 70 ° C.

– This series is a 85mm wide sliding series system that offers solutions for narrow spaces and every detail.
– Single, double and three glass application possibility.
– An alternative system developed in line with the demands of individual preferences and specific application areas.
– Has high sound and heat insulation property.
– Calcium zinc production does not harm human health.

– İNCİ 8500 riding series is a system that can be easily applied in very detailed application areas.
– Thermal insulation is suitable to DIN4108 and EnEv standards.
– Impact resistance is in accordance with DIN V ENV 1627-1630 standards.
– Two types of seal are available, gray and black.
– Glasses with a meat thickness of 3 mm to 40 mm can be applied.
– Provides rich solutions for different glass thicknesses with 4 glass slats.